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Over the bridge for a morning coffee by the river. Then around the market stalls. Along the medieval streets for a wander up to the castle. Just a few steps to the museum. Descending to subterranean mysteries. Returning to the lively city for a chosen event. In the morning a trip to see natural features.

Choose your city and explore it at any time of day or night. Slovenia is known as a safe country, where you can wander around at any time without fear. Experience more: Slovenia’s advantage is that everything in it is easily accessible. From any town or city you can get to green surroundings in just a few minutes walk, and it is a short drive from one city to the next. In just a few days you can experience more cities in Slovenia than anywhere else. Head out on a thematic exploration, or just travel around Slovenia at will. It’s fun!

Catalog "Cities of culture"

Published by Slovenian Tourist Board in cooperation with the Association of Historical Cities of Slovenia (March 2010).




After descending the 116 steps into the Antonijev Rov gallery and its special mining experience, after touring the collections at Gewerkenegg Castle, which has won the prize for the best European museum of the technical and industrial heritage, after tasting Idrija žlikrofi, you can wander off to the Zgornja Idrijca Nature Park and the Idrija surroundings.

The interpretive science trail of Rake – a trail along the Rake canal – by water which for centuries has driven the kamšt and its 13.6 m drive wheel, leads to the Zgornja Idrijca Nature Park with its rare plant species, which have drawn world famous botanists here, and then to the lake of Divje Jezero.

The heritage of the Second World War – at Vojsko there are the partisan printing press Tiskarna Slovenija and its collections, the partisan cemetery of Vojščica and the sign for the Pavla hospital.

Klavže – visit the klavže barriers, the so-called Slovenian pyramids, water barriers in the valleys of the Idrijca, Belca and Kanomljica rivers.

The Črni Vrh and Ledina plateaux – unwind in nature, with opportunities for cycling and hiking.


Koper is a jumping off point for exploring Istria. Your day can begin in the morning over a coffee in the city to accompany some local hroštole pastry, and can end with a dinner in the light of the full moon over the sea. Along the way, you can see:

The Karst margin – a picturesque area of natural features, where the typical Karst landscape merges into the Flysch of Istria.

The Overhangs (Spodmole) at Sočerga – a natural feature, also called the “Ears of Istria”, three large overhangs on a 28-metre high cliff;

The Osp Wall – a rock face in the village of Osp, a favourite location for climbers;

Church of the Holy Trinity in Hrastovlje – with its famous frescoes of a danse macabre dating from the 15th century;

Socerb Castle – the ruins of the castle on a clifftop looking out to the Bay of Koper house a restaurant.


Footpaths and cycle paths take you through the area surrounding Kranj to welcoming homesteads, natural features, to birds and water and to the embrace of the mountains.

Šmarjetna gora and Jošt – these two easily accessible hills are popular excursion points for hikers and cyclists.

Brdo Official Protocol Estate – a Renaissance manor and park with a wealth of plant and animal life and a sculpture collection.

Trbojsko Jezero lake – home to numerous waterfowl, it offers boating, angling and other recreation in nature.

Cycle paths below the Karavanke and Kamnik-Savinja Alps – the paths begin right at the foot of the Karavanke range, and cycle tours of varying difficulty lead along forest trails and roads towards the Alpine peaks.


Want more? Head off into the surroundings!

The Piran countryside – in the Šavrin Hills are the villages of Sveti Peter, Padna and Nova Vas. They are a delight with their olive groves, from which the virgin olive oil is made for typical Istrian dishes, and with their vineyards, which produce grapes for Refošk (Refosco) and Malvasia.

Portorož Spa – a thermal spa with a century-old tradition, it uses brine, mud and salt from the Piran saltpans, and it offers wonderful massages and pools with sea and thermal mineral water.

Sečovlje Saltpans – a nature park covering a full 650 ha, it is home to more than 270 bird species in and unspoilt environment with numerous special features.


After discovering the special features of the city, you can head off for relaxation in the surrounding area. Visit:

Terme Ptuj – one of the biggest thermal spa parks in central Europe, it also offers accommodation of all types, from bungalows to a hotel;

Ptuj Golf Course – a multiple award-winning course with a varied terrain and numerous water obstacles;

Ptujska gora – the hill with a famous Gothic pilgrimage church and an exceptional monument: the Virgin Mary opening her mantle; with its fine views, the hill is a favourite destination of hikers and cyclists.


After touring the old town centre of Radovljica, you can treat yourself to a view of this Alpine area from the air, taking a plane from the sports airfield at Lesce. Unwind at the golf course by the Šobec campsite. Explore the local towns and villages:

Brezje – a Slovenian spiritual centre, and the most visited pilgrimage site with its basilica of Mary Our Help; around here runs the circular Brezje path of peace, which leads to special cultural landscape and natural sites;

Kropa – the cradle of blacksmithing, and its technical heritage of smelting, with the oldest preserved smelting furnace in Europe and other special features have marked it as a monument of national importance for more than 50 years;

Begunje – this village of music, castles and memories of the Second World War can be explored on the Lamberg Trail, which leads to the Katzenstein Manor House, to the remains of the Hudičev Gradič (Devil’s Castle) and the ruins of Kamen Castle.

Slovenske Konjice

Take a stroll through Stari Trg, tour the Riemer Municipal Gallery and Trebnik Mansion, then go along the wine road to the Zlati Grič cellar, one of the most modern wine cellars in Europe, and then on to the surrounding villages with their many special features. Visit:

Žiče – a hamlet where you can observe demonstrations of original wickerwork;

Mlače – in this village with its Heritage House you can treat yourself to an unforgettable hearthbaked potica cake;

Loče – this little village offers hiking experiences along the Loče-Zbelovo Mountain Trail, on which you can encounter all the more prominent features of the location.

Škofja Loka

After strolling around the mystical town, with its impressive medieval houses, hidden nooks and crannies and arcaded courtyards, and seeing the multivisual presentations of the Škofja Loka Passion, then up the scenic path to the castle with its museum workshops, you can continue on to the surrounding area.

Poljanska and Selška dolina valleys – along the Selška Sora and Poljanska Sora streams, which converge at Škofja Loka into the Sora river, there are wonderful flowering meadows, expansive forests and unspoilt nature with numerous natural and cultural features.

Škofja Loka hills – around the hills close to Škofja Loka there are hiking and cycling trails of varying difficulty. You can also visit traditional farms, refresh yourself at one of the hospitable local establishments and observe the skilled work of the women and men who run these establishments.


Tržič is a pleasant starting point for exploring the mountains and peaks of the Karavanke and Kamnik Alps. From the town you can head off to the nearby Podljubelj or Lom Valley and the valley of the Tržiška Bistrica River. You can also discover the natural environment in a special way in the famous gorge which is just 3 km from the centre of Tržič.

The Dovžanova soteska Gorge – a unique site of stones up to 300 million years old, it is protected as a natural monument; the river, stone pyramids, the tunnel and narrow gorge show the creative power of nature. A geological interpretive trail runs through the gorge.

Town to Town

Each city and town is an experience of its own. But several along the way make a story that weaves new views of space and time into urban experiences. Link up a route of your own through Slovenia, or select one of three programmes that lead from cultural to natural features, from modern joie de vivre to the spiritual heritage of Slovenia. These programmes are offered in collaboration with selected travel agents by the Association of Historical Cities of Slovenia.

Walled cities

Preserved medieval city walls, which once ensured safety and survival, today stimulate the imagination with countless stories. A week is barely enough to immerse yourself in the finest glimpses of the past in Slovenia!
  Day 1 – Radovljica in Bled
  Day 2– Kranj in ŠkoЀ a Loka
  Day 3 – Koper
  Day 4 – Piran
  Day 5 – Ptuj
  Day 6 – Maribor in Celje
  Day 7 – Ljubljana
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On the path of handcrafted traditions

The cities and towns where artisans of the medieval guilds once sold their wares at fairs, today still maintain the craft traditions, old-style dishes and music from past times. Around the fair towns there are often vineyards, and as you wander around the town and its surroundings you can stop at typical inns with local food and exquisite drinks.
  Day 1 – Tržič
  Day 2 – Radovljica, Kropa, Škofja Loka, Kranj
  Day 3 – Idrija
  Day 4 – Piran, Sečovlje
  Day 5 – Slovenske Konjice
  Day 6 – Ptuj in Maribor
  Day 7 – Ljubljana
  Extra day - Prekmurje
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Mysterious power of silence

A typical feature of the Slovenian landscape is the numerous churches on high points and in settlements, as well as the monasteries of various orders, which preserve a rich cultural heritage and around which revolve tales and legends. Discover the faith heritage of Slovenia.
  Day 1 – Novo mesto, Šentjernej, Pleterje
  Day 2 – Kostanjevica na Krki, Jurklošter
  Day 3 – Slovenske Konjice, Ptuj
  Day 4 – Ivančna Gorica, Stična
  Day 5 – Hrastovlje, Piran
  Day 6 – Radovljica, Brezje, Škofja Loka
  Day 7 – Ljubljana
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