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The Association, which is organised as an economic association of interest, has been established by those local communities whose urban heritage is considered to be of the highest rank in Slovenia and whose towns have been declared cultural monuments, those companies, organisations and individuals who cooperate in the restoration of these monuments and want to be part of an organised renovation, especially to preserve and revitalise old town centres and to develop their common trade, because they are aware that the preservation of cultural heritage promotes economic and social development.


Mercury under the Earth’s surface, lace from the lacemakers’ pads, žlikrofi (ravioli) from local kitchens – Idrija is a city of exceptional cultural heritage. The oldest mining town in Slovenia is famed for having the second biggest mercury mine in the world, and centuries ago it lured explorers and travellers from all over Europe and left on the town unique monuments to the technological heritage tied to the water resources and other special features of the area. more
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Pungert, with the only entirely preserved defensive tower dating from the 16th century, the castle above the old Sava River crossing, the arcade and fountain designed by architect Jože Plečnik – these are all features of Kranj, which will surprise you with its canyon in the Kokra river right in the middle of the city. The ancient jewelry of Karnija glitters in the museum, and the technical heritage complements the special features of the city centre with its medieval buildings, an area protected as a cultural monument. A city of Slovenian identity and great men. more
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This Mediterranean jewel of Slovenia is a truly special place. In this birth-place of the famous violinist Giuseppe Tartini, along the narrow medieval streets, between tightly squeezed houses that gradually rise up the slopes, you can still hear violins and other instruments at concerts and festivals of classical music. Piran is a monument to the diverse architecture of past centuries. The town squares are places of socialising that undulate to the rhythm of the sea. more
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In the Alpine area between Jelovica and the Karavanke range, a town has stood on the river terraces above the confluence of the Sava Bohinjka and Sava Dolinka since the 14th century, and this town boasts unique examples of medieval buildings painted with frescoes. Behind the walls, with their only preserved defensive moat in Slovenia, await the town’s sites of interest, the castle park, museums and galleries and the main square, in which events and festivals are held. Radovljica is also the centre of Slovenian beekeeping. Just 7 km from Radovljica is the tourist location of Bled with its picturesque lake, island with a chapel and the castle perched on a mighty clifftop. more
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Škofja Loka

This best preserved medieval town, with its guild traditions and a black man in its crest, has many intriguing stories. Every seven years, the town below Škofja Loka Castle comes alive with a colourful passion procession, a special enactment of Christ’s suffering and resurrection using the oldest dramatic text in Slovenian. The mosaic of events and authentic Škofja Loka cuisine bring curious people into the town from near and far. more
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This Mediterranean city, bounded by the sea and hills, displays its rich, thousand-year history at every step. A walk through the old city centre is a walk through the past filled with sunshine. The mysterious Koper countryside in the land of Refošk wine offers a unique range of food and wine. Its numerous traditional events offer the true pleasures of Istria. The rays of the present offer new experiences in this city by the sea. more
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Novo mesto

Novo mesto (New Town) - as it has always been called by the locals even though it was named Rudolfsworth after its founder Duke Rudolf IV. of the Hapsburgs - was established on 7 April 1365 on a piece of land where no settlements had stood before. The legacy of the very beginnings are still felt in the present-day Novo mesto, more than 600 years later. Craft and trade were the fundamental economic activities in the first few centuries and brought prosperity to the town. Its further development was cut short and rendered impossible by the arrival of the Turks, who however never managed to conquer it due to its fortified town walls. After 1786 the town walls were pulled down in places, and certain parts of it were made into residential buildings. The remains of the town walls can still be seen today on Štance by the Proštijski Gardens.
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The city by the Drava is a natural meeting point of vineyard-covered hills and the expansive open fields of north-eastern Slovenia. People have lived here without interruption since Roman times. The town charter of 1376 places Ptuj among the oldest towns or cities in the wider region. The protected medieval city centre maintains its stories of the past in churches and monasteries, in vaulted wine cellars and in castle halls. The mystical quality of the city is maintained by the kurent costumed figures, who drive away everything bad. more
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Slovenske Konjice

This town, with its thousand-year-old central square layout, is a model of friendliness and tidiness. It boasts many awards as the most beautiful town in Slovenia, and in the European competition Entente florale it won a gold medal, placing it alongside the best-kept towns of Europe. This charming town lies below the mysterious mountain of Konjiška gora and the wine-growing hills of Škalce in north-eastern Slovenia. more
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The water of the Tržiška Bistrica River and the Mošenik stream, which con-verge right in Tržič, once drove the machinery of this small manufacturing town in a basin below the Karavanke peaks. Over the millraces stretch little bridges, and the town centre houses, furnished with wrought iron doors and shutters, are squeezed into the streets without any order. This town was once the home of Marshal Radetzky – the same one whose famous march is played at New Year by the Vienna Philharmonic. more
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